What Science Says Makes a Happy Relationship

With relationships being such a complex thing, it’s not surprising that there are so many factors which make a happy relationship. By no means have I covered absolutely everything here. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of practical information which you can easily apply! A lot of what I’m going to talk about touches on conflict resolution, sex, children and more. Each of these will have their own posts but this is a good starting point for them all. I hope the information I present is useful to you.

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Everything You Should Know About Friends With Benefits Relationships

Friends with benefits relationships (FWBRs) consist of two friends that have sex together without defining their relationship as romantic. They are very common, particularly in adolescents and university students. Between 49 – 62% of people at this age have been in a FWB arrangement. Considering the high proportion of people in these relationships, it’s possible that you may end up in one. Read on to equip yourself with what you need to know!

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What Will Happen to You After a Breakup and How to Move Past It

Ending a relationship can happen for a multitude of reasons and in many ways. Yet, there is one thing which is usually shared: they’re distressing. I’m going to take you through the usual emotional states and reactions which happen after a breakup, what things may make that easier or worse, what can happen to your identity after, remaining friends and then, I’ll get to recovery. A quick reminder that the results shown to you are averages; it’s entirely possible that you may react to breakups¬†differently than is described.

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