How Being Kind to Yourself Helps Your Relationship

*Plenty of correlations here so a quick reminder: correlations go between 1 and -1, with 1 being a perfect positive correlation, -1 being a perfect negative one and 0 showing no correlation. 

While researching for topics to write about I came across something I hadn’t really considered before; how self-compassion, being kind to oneself during hard times, plays a role in relationships. I had no idea there was science behind this specific act, so I’m excited to share with you what researchers have found!

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How Do We Keep Hold of Our Partners?

Sometimes when we feel anxiety about the state of our relationships we may change how we behave to rid ourselves of these negative feelings. These are known as mate-retention behaviours and we utilise them to minimise the risk of our partner cheating or of the relationship breaking down by some other means. Knowing how these behaviours can be categorised and the effects they have on our connections can help us hold on to what we care about the most.

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Why Relationships Become Unstable

Relationships are breaking down all the time but luckily, social scientists have been measuring why for over 20 years. Although each breakup has its own intricacies and perhaps endless avenues for dissolution, there will often be shared themes among many relationships which academics can measure. Thankfully, some decided to conduct a meta-analysis and put all this info in one place!

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Three Ways to Think of Fetishes

A word that generates negative connotations in the minds of many. Fetishes are often associated with “weirdos” yet, by some definitions, it’s likely that you have some kind of fetish yourself. To understand what a fetish is, the history surrounding its definition needs to be tracked, along with the culture in which these definitions arose. Definitions often change, as does culture, and the defining of sexual fetish has been no different.

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Trying to Improve Relationship Satisfaction Through My Dissertation

The 2016/17 academic year was my final year of university and I had the opportunity to carry out an independent project. Naturally, it was about relationships. I am very pleased to be able to say I got a first for it! Thank you to everyone who let me take a look into their relationship and everyone who supported me during the process as without you all, It wouldn’t have been possible. Enjoy!

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